Bingo Slots Betting

Bingo slots betting is the art of knowing how to place the best bet on a slots game to get the biggest possibly payout.

Bingo Slots Paytable

The Bingo slots paytable is where you are able to see what your betting options are, and what each symbol is worth.

Here is the most important information you will find on the paytable:

  • The prizes per symbol. This tells you what each individual symbol is worth.
  • The prizes per line. This tells you how much each line can win you.
  • The maximum bet. This tells you what the maximum amount you can stake is.
  • The bonus prize. Many slots games offer a bonus prize; this will always be featured on the paytable.

Betting Max Coins

As discussed previously, betting ‘max’ coins is a very good tactic to increase your winning odds.

Here are some points to consider when betting the maximum for a game:

  • First check what the coin value is of the game you are playing, as the best and safest option is to bet maximum on a lower coin value.
  • Always set yourself a limit before you start playing, and never bet max if you can not afford to stake that much.
  • On progressive slots games, you can only win if the maximum bet has been made, so remember to check what type of slots game you are playing.

Slots Wagers

Slots wagers vary per game, and game type, but are usually on average between 5p and £2 for a single bet.

While betting max is a tactical move many experienced players use when playing slots, newer players should rather start by making smaller wagers to get used to the games.

As a general rule of thumb, the lower the wager, the lower the prize and vice versa. Make sure that you follow these tips during your Bingo slots betting for optimum results.

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