5 Reel Bingo Slots

Are you feeling ready to up your stakes and aim for a bigger prize? Then 5 reel Bingo slots are your next level.

5 Reel Single Line Slots

5 reel single line slots are similar to the standard single line 3 reel games, except that you will need to win five matching symbols instead of three.

This makes the game a bit more of a challenge, but it also increases the payout, as most games that are harder to win will generally have a higher payout.

Make sure that you take a good look at the prize paytable to see what symbols are worth which points, and what your bet could win you.

For instance, in a fruit-themed game, bananas could be worth £50 on a single line. The apples could be worth more, and so on.

5 Reel Multi Line Slots

In a 5 reel multi line slots game, you stand to win a massive prize if you manage to get all the high-stake symbols you need to win.

These games are the hardest games to win, as not only do you need to win five symbols, but you also have to win three to five lines in order to win the big cash prize.

That means that you would have to get five apples in a row, and up to five rows of either apples or other high stake symbols to hit the jackpot.

The drawback is that your odds are a lot lower to win, but, of course, if you do win, you will be winning a huge prize instead of the smaller prizes that less lines or reels offer.

Your odds on winning these types of slots games depend on the amount you stake. Betting ‘max’ can increase your chances of winning, however, at the end of the day, slots is a game of chance, just like Bingo.

For tips on playing and winning 5 reel slots games, check out the Playing Bingo Slots page for advice and more.