3 Reel Bingo Slots

3 reel Bingo slots are the classic, simple type of slots game found at nearly every online Bingo site.

3 Reel Single Line Slots

3 reel single line slots are the simplest slots game type to play.

These slots are comprised of three reels, which are the columns featuring the symbols that are each spun randomly to get a winning match.

These games have a single line across, which could contain the winning symbols in a row.

If for example, the symbols were fruit, when you spin a single line 3 reel slots game, you would win if you had three apples all in a single row.

The biggest benefit to this type of slots is that it is a lot easier to get a winning match. On the downside, the payouts are lower as there is only a single line.

This makes single line 3 reel slots a good choice for new players who are getting used to spinning and winning.

3 Reel Multi Line Slots

In 3 reel multi line slots games there can be anything from three to five lines to bet on.

For instance, if you were betting on a three-line 3 reel slots game, you would need to have a match on all three lines to win the full prize.

Some games have a smaller payout for each line, and then a big prize for hitting the maximum number of lines, which makes it at least easier to win a smaller prize.

The main attractive that players have for multi line slots is that it offers a bigger chance of winning big, as there is more than one line to be won.

The drawback, of course, is that it can be a lot tougher to win up to three lines of matching symbols.

Once you feel comfortable playing Bingo slots and have spun and won a few games, then give the multi lines games a try.

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